During a charity show the Italian singer Elena Ley was able to enthus her audience over her great performance.
(Wochenende, 01.03.2008)
Through her music she is able to set her temperament free and to express her feelings.
("Suhl am Sonntag", 03.08.2003)
This girl from Milan has it all: beauty, brains and talent. Her rich (...) voice tentalizes you with a presentation of various song styles in a range of tempos and beats. It’s the next best thing to hearing her in the flesh.
(Nashivlle Music Guide - July 2003)
Elena Ley had a blast, rocking and swinging through an energetic session.
(Mirror Magazine, October 2002)
Elena Ley is the sensation in the music scene
("Rundschau - Kreis Euskirchen", 07.08.2002)

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